The 6 best free woocommerce dropshipping plugins for WordPress

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Recently, Dropshipping has become a hot trend that helps retailers earn profit without invest too much money for manufacturing and warehousing.

One of the most famous dropshipping platform we know is Shopify, it’s a prebuilt platform for dropshipping. The question is: are there free plugin that helps you build a Dropshipping website in WordPress?

In this review, I will list down 6 best free Dropshipping plugins WordPress that are fully compatible with Woocommerce and compare their pros/cons so that you can choose the most suitable plugin for your business



DropshipMe makes dropshipping process very simple. Everyone can do dropshipping using DropshipMe plugin. This plugins will do all the work for you

Handpicked bestselling and trending products on Aliexpress

pick product

With this plugin, you can 1 Click to import product to your Woocommerce store and Recommended price, as well as Profile per product, are displayed right in product import section => Save you a lot of time to research product on Aliexpress

import product

The plugin supports variable products, which means you can import all variations of a product on Aliexpress right to your Woocommerce wordpress store

The imported product will have full title/description/price detail, all you need to do is adjust the content to fit your store.

Main features:

  • Easy-search and import product from AliExpress providers
  • All products are picked and selected by expert dropshipper
  • Imported products have full information like: Name, description, price, variations
  • Ratings and reviews importing
  • Estimate profit for each product is shown right in product import section
  • Compatible with a handful of Woocommerce WordPress theme

TI WooCommerce Wishlist

TI WooCommerce Wishlist

TI Woocommerce Wishlist plugin enable Wishlist function on your website. There’re many times when customer can not make their purchase at the time they visit your store. With this plugin, customers can add certain products to their wishlists for future purchases.

This is a very essential plugin for every eCommerce business because it can turn store visitor into potential customers, encourage customers to return to your store to make their purchase.

This plugin also allows customers to share their wishlist to social network.

add to wishlist add to wishlist 2

Main features

  • Create custom wishlist page
  • After adding product to cart, the product will be automaticalled removed from wishlist
  • Allow adjust Add to wishlist button style on product page
  • Short-code for add to wishlist button
  • Custom add to wishlist button icon, you can design and upload icon from your PC
  • Option to enable redirect customers to wishlist page after adding products to wishlist
  • Allow users to share wishlist to social networks

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher by PluginUs.NET. Woo Multi Currency and Woo Multi Pay


Woocommerce Currency Switcher plugin allows your store to automatically update the currency exchange rate. This plugin allows buyers to pay in their desired currency.

change currency setting

Store-owner can add any type of currency in setting. This is a must-have plugin for multiple currencies store.

currency switcher

Main features

  • Customizable currency switcher style drop-down, flags, and side switcher
  • Available in shortcode, you can add this plugin to anywhere on your site using shortcode [woocs]
  • Automatic rate changing, or admin can also manually set exchange rate
  • Rate update daily – hourly – weekly, up to you.
  • Customizable price format
  • Allow to set Currencies visibility as public or private

Orders Tracking for WooCommerce

Orders Tracking for WooCommerce

Order tracking plugin allows storeowner to add tracking code to order in Woocommerce.

For each order with tracking code, the plugin will send tracking email containing tracking URLs to customers. You can also add tracking code as well as carriers name to Paypal transactions seamlessly

shipping status

Main features

  • Add Tracking Code to Orders: You can manually add tracking code for each order in admin section or add in bulk via CSV file
  • Customer can track their order in My account section or via the URL in the email sent by this plugin
  • Order filtering: You can filter type of order you want to add tracking code easily. The available filters are created date, paid date, completed date, status, billing address, shipping address, payment method and shipping method
  • 80+ shipping carriers integrated in this plugin, you can also add your own shipping carriers
  • Integrated Tracking Services: The plugin works well with different tracking Service like TrackingMore. It will automatically retrieve shipping information from Tracking service and send to your clients
  • Tracking email: Customer will receive email with tracking code when tracking code is added to their order
  • Tracking page: The plugin will create a page where customer can check shipping status in tracking page (My account section)
  • Add tracking code to Paypal: The plugin allows to add shipping information to Paypal transaction

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce


Photo reviews plugin allow storeowner to send reminder email to ask customer for product review (with Photo) in exchange for coupon on your store. The coupon will be sent after the customer successfully posted review with photo on your store.

Nowaday, all customers have smart making purchasing decision. Before purchasing any product, they will compare the product with other products, read reviews of other customers…

This plugin will help you get more photo reviews on your product page, which leads to increase product credibility to convince customer making their purchase

woocommerce photo reviews

Main features

  • Review with photo: Allow customer to add reviews on product page with photo
  • Storeowner can manage reviews, edit
  • Set maximum photo size
  • Review filter: user can filter review with photo or no photo attached
  • Verified buyer status added to real buyer
  • GDPR compliance: the plugin add a checkbox telling customer about GDPR compliance before they submit the review
  • Review reminder: You can set the plugin to send reminder email to customer that haven’t submit review, the content of email can be edited in setting section
  • COUPON FOR REVIEW: Customers that successfully posted their review will be rewarded with coupon, the plugin will send email with Coupon to customer’s email, you can set “Photo-required” if you want customer to receive coupon only if they post review with a photo

Coupon Box for WooCommerce

Coupon Box for WooCommerce

Coupon box plugin allows store to collect more lead (customer email) by creating beautiful coupon popup on your store. When the customer enters their email, they will receive coupon that generated by the plugin and it can be use for their next purchase.

coupon box

The coupon will be sent to their email address, so you will be able to collect real email address. The customer who entered email address to receive coupon will be also turned into subscriber for your email marketing campaign.

You can easily sync email list with your email marketing tool like MailChimp

Main features:

  • Fully responsive, support all type of devices
  • Customizable Email: you can choose what to send to your customer, including variables like: Coupon value, coupon code, expiring date….
  • Unlimited campaign: You can create as many coupon campaigns as you want.
  • Mailchimp integrated: Users who enter their email into coupon box will be automatically turn into your Mailchimp subscriber.
  • Export email: Emails of subscribers can be export easily with 1 click

Wrapping up

There are many free dropshipping plugins for Woocommerce, some of them have premium features like a pro version. If you can take advantage of all these plugins you can save a lot of money for your business.

I hope the list of 6 best free woocommerce dropshipping plugins for WordPress in this article will help you improve your dropshipping business

If you have any plugin suggestion, please drop a line in comment section. I will update the article if the plugin is helpful for Woocommerce user.

Hung Tran is the author of, he loves to share knowledge about Woocommerce and Wordpress

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