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How to add variable product in woocommerce – Step by Step

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Variable product is a great feature of WooCommerce, these products has fluctuations in price, quantity in stock, size, .and other attributes.
For example: a T-shirt with the same fabric but different sizes, colors. This type of product is called variations.
With variable products, each type of product will vary in properties and prices.

Now we will start adding a new variable product in Woocommerce step by step

STEP 1: Define the type of product

First, we will add a new product and define it as a Variable Product, to do this, in Product section of Woocommerce => Select add new product.

In Product Data field, select  Variable Product

define variable product woocommerce

STEP 2: Add new attributes for the product

Now we will add custom attributes for product. Navigate to Attributes tab and click on Add Custom product attribute button.

  • In “name” field, specify the name of the attribute, eg: Color, Size….
  • In “Values” field, input values of the attribute, use “|” for multiple values, eg: Red | Blue | Green.

Select Used for Variations to allow Woocomece to create variations from this attribute values. add attribute for product

Finally, Save Attributes to add the attribute to our variable product.

add attribute for product 2

STEP 3: Create product variations from attributes

Now the attributes we added in steps 2 are ready to use and we can create variations from those attributes.

There will be 2 options, you can manually create variations or let Woocommerce automatically create variations for you.

create variations from all attributes


  • Select Add Variation if you want to manually create Variation
  • Select Create Variations from All attributes if you want woocommerce to automatically create all possible variations

If you select Add variation, specify the attribute of the variable product you want to create

choose attribute of variation

If you select Create Variations from All attributes, Woocommerce will create all possible variations for you

all possible variations

STEP 4: Change product information, set price for each variation

After creating variations, if you forget to specify price for each variation, you will see error like this in product page: “This product is currently out of stock and unavailable

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable

Navigate to Variation tab and click on each variation you created in Step 3. Now set price, stock status, product image/description for each variation

variation description

After you’re done, click “Save Changes”. Now, your variable products are ready and you will see them listed on your store like this


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